How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase you in 2021? {Updated}

Hello, readers.

If you are also the one who is deeply interested in a Scorpio man, then you might have also wanted him to chase you. 

You don’t want to initiate something with him as they play hard to get Zodiac Signs. 

They don’t know about themselves, and it is hard to influence them easily. 

Scorpio is by default a hunter, or we can say a chaser, so he will lose interest even if you pretend to chase him.

Still, knowing what is going on in his head is difficult. He is the master of being subtle and observes every single detail that people usually miss out on.

His desires are not pretty obvious, and that’s why he becomes incredibly hard to understand.

Moreover, nobody can manipulate, influence, or deceive a Scorpio man. 

From your first meeting, only he will understand you to your core no matter how much you know and understand about yourself.

A part of all this Scorpio man is easy to please. If you are the perfect partner for him, you can make him chase you by staying yourself only.

What Does a Scorpio Man Want From a Woman?

While finding the qualities that attract a sign, you must know that four signs are already ahead in the race. 

And in the case of a Scorpio man, in the category of Water Signs, Cancer & Pisces are on the top, and in the category of Earth Signs, Virgo and Capricorn are there.

A Scorpio man is most attracted to a person who is gentle and soft. Also, that lady must know the art of forming emotional bonds deeply with him.

If there is no emotional and physical intimacy, he will stay unsatisfied with you.

What does a Scorpio man need in a partner?

 “Opposite attracts” is something we have all heard, and it is also applicable to zodiac signs. The perfect natural partner for any zodiac sign is its exact opposite sign. The sign which is quite the opposite of Scorpio is Taurus.

We all know that Scorpio males have a deep, complicated, and intense personality. And that is why he needs a simple companion in nature and is quite calm and composed.

Also, he needs someone on whom he can rely and is steady, and who will never leave his side no matter what the situation is.

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You?

The reason why Scorpios are playing hard to get people isn’t quite obvious. But when you study them thoroughly, you can find those reasons very easily. Some of them are:

Scorpio men are pretty mercurial.

As mentioned above, understanding the desire and needs of a Scorpio isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. They are very mercurial signs that make it hard to get you to come after them. 

The first day, he will be totally into you, and you are the only thing in his universe that he cares about, but he can lose all his interest in you on the very next day. 

That is why learning about a Scorpio man is important before you want him to come for you.

Scorpio men have high expectations.

Well, that is something that everybody should focus on as it is the most important thing in the case of a Scorpio man. 

A Scorpio knows what he wants, and if you can’t give it to him or you don’t have what he’s expecting, then there is no way out that he is chasing you. 

If you have any idea about his expectations, then introspect yourself before falling for him.

Scorpio men are afraid to get hurt.

Absolutely yes. Scorpio can be the extrovert person you have ever met, and they are sharing their thoughts and feelings with you. 

The reason behind that is their heart is protected without well-built falls, and he is trying to play it cool to make you feel comfortable around them. Not because all of them make them vulnerable, and they are afraid to get hurt.

12 Best Ways to Make A Scorpio Man Chase You

Are you the one who is dreaming of conquering the heart of a Scorpio male?

Then to make you know that you are about to enter the biggest challenge ever. You must understand your guy’s personality first, so you know what attracts him the most and makes him chase a woman of her dreams. 

As you all know, Scorpios tend to have a suspicious and hard-to-understand aura around them, and that could be the most attractive and the most confusing thing at the time. 

But you want to see him coming for you, trying to impress you and to chase you as you are the only woman that you want to be with at the end.

What can you do to grab his attention which is long enough so that he comes chasing after you?

Maybe we can bring you some of the ways that you can try to conquer his heart and achieve your ultimate goal.

Never chase him.

Scorpio, as in nature, are chasers. He never likes when you chase him in the first place. Though it will not scare him, unlike other signs, it will not help you either.

Scorpio men like to take their time when they want to make some important decisions about their life. 

They will never approach you impulsively, but there is very little chance that he will approach whom he has met in recent times. 

Instead of that, he will prefer to stay at a distance so that he can observe you and make sure that he is interested in you or not.

As they are secretive, that doesn’t mean that he is not interested or wants to get along. He will express the feeling when he is ready and feels good about it but not a minute before it.

Don’t carry any secrets.

Scorpio man has the sharpest observation and is capable of seeing through any pretense. So if you have any secrets that can cause any harm to your relationship progress, then you better tell him as soon as possible.

Scorpio gets most upset when they know that they are betrayed or deceived in one way or the other. 

So if your secret is coming out in a very unexpected way and from a very unexpected person, then it could end your relationship with your Scorpio male.

Flirt but be subtle.

Flirting is always a healthy way to let him know that you are interested in him. Make you have to find the most subtle way to flirt with them else you will scare him away. 

Having a mysterious aura around makes him enjoy solving the mystery. To make him chase, you need to become a mystery in the first place. 

Try complimenting him & then accidentally touch his hand and become casual like it didn’t happen. Or don’t answer his texts or calls so fast that it makes him feel that you are waiting for it.

Try to gain his trust.

Scorpios like to take their time about love as They have so many trust issues and break their Wall of doubts. You have to gain their trust by being honest. 

Earning his trust is something that you should work on. Also, remember a Scorpio is quite intuitive, so never try to lie to him as they will only catch you in the next moment.

He is also a reliable guy; no matter how different he seems from the outside, he might also be trying to bring your trust. But for that, your reciprocation is required the most.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Try focusing on being natural and genuine, especially when trying to win a Scorpio guy. He will notice your fakeness right away with the sharp Eyes.

So please don’t pretend to be someone you are not in real life to get his attention because that is not giving you what you are dreaming. 

Instead of this, he will also feel betrayed or deceived if you try to put on a mask to cover your originality.

Demonstrate your loyalty.

One of the traits that a Scorpio male is fond of is loyalty, as they are fiercely loyal to the person he loves the most and expects the same in return. 

Scorpio man will forgive anything but betrayal or outwit. Well, their understanding in the case of loyalty is not very intuitive. 

Loyalty in his eyes is being there with him in times of difficulties, not revealing confidence with which he trusts you the most, and always being honest with him. 

Scorpios are well known for their jealousy. If you are trying to flirt around, then it will upset them a lot.

Allow him to set the pace.

He will enjoy the chase and be in charge only when he is ready for it. So allow him to set the pace of your growing relationship. 

Often, girls get impatient when he takes so long to chase you but don’t force him, or else you will lose him forever.

Enjoy simple pleasures with him.

Scorpio man is full of excitement in his life. Being a passionate human being, he tends to be busy in a project for a cause. 

But still, they are one of the cold signs. That is why he needs to get ample relaxation to maintain his work life and personal life balance.

This trait is why he is looking for a partner who can enjoy the little pleasures of life. 

He will be more dedicated to someone who can do small things with him like cooking and eating good food, watching television, gardening, sitting on the rooftop watching stars, or enjoying some sensual pleasures.

Just make sure that you like the same things before making your first move.

Learn to be patient.

No relationship exists where problems have no room. If your Scorpio is struggling with a problem that he doesn’t want to share with you, try and have some patience and wait for him and be supportive in every way possible. 

He valued relationships a lot and will always try to make sure that you are happy with him.

Your patience and endless support will motivate you to work through all the problems as soon as he can so that you can spend more time with him.

While you are waiting for him, be kind, nice, and gentle to him. It will make him remember why he fell in love with you and figure the point to rekindle his love for you.

Best don’t play games with him.

Scorpios are usually straightforward people. They don’t like to play games or being played. 

If he is trying his best to know about you, then make sure that you won’t play hard to get for him, or else you will see him running not towards you but in the opposite direction.

Be a confident and independent woman.

No matter what sign you have or what sign you want to attract, confidence is always the sexiest thing on the list. 

Make your guy know that you are confident by sticking to your opinion while conversing with them or fearlessly expressing your opinions and thoughts over something.

Scorpio men are full of confidence, which can sometimes be intimidating, but you need to be strong enough to reply to him with straight answers without backing off when there is an argument going on. 

This thing will impress him for sure and take his curiosity and craving to chase you.

Entice him with your appearance.

When we talk about Scorpio males, they are quite visual creators, and if you are looking good in your appearance, that will be going to lighten him up.

Just don’t be too obvious when you are trying to attract or impress a Scorpio man. Select an attire that is sexy but also classy enough. 

Try to pick that outfit that can accentuate your appearance but leave him with plenty of imagination. And that’s how You grab all of his attention and leave him wondering so that he keeps coming for you.

Points to remember When you fall in Love With A Scorpio Male

Loving a Scorpio man is so easy, but maintaining that love is going down the extra mile. He has several layers that he doesn’t show anybody because he has a reserved and protected heart. 

But since he has let you in, then there are some things that you need to remember throughout your relationship with him which is never going to change about a Scorpio man:

He’s born Passionate. 

He does everything with passion, and that is the secret of success in his life.

Loyalty is everything.

Loyalty is the most precious gift that you can give him. If somebody is loyal to him, then he becomes too dedicated to her. But if you ever try to break the chain, then don’t seek forgiveness.

Sexuality is the same as Emotion.

Scorpios are the rulers of emotions. They also like to flirt with their charisma, loves to seduce, and also sex. 

He likes and cherishes all the feelings coming from this. Also, he is so great in bed and takes physical intimacy very seriously.

Never try to control him.

He takes his independence very seriously and never likes to depend on anyone for anything. 

He doesn’t like when somebody tries to control him or instruct him with something. Being a water sign, they are more often like to be free as the river’s flow.


A Scorpio man is quite complicated and full of emotions which can be hard for you to understand if you are dealing with them.

But when you are independent, loyal, strong, reliable, and patient, then you will find your loyal and devoted partner in the Scorpio man. 

These qualities attract him in a single shot. 

But he likes to take his time before starting something, so make sure that you give him his space and take yours for the best budding relationship.

Then he will for sure be the one to chase you without any of your efforts.

Thank you.


I’m Kristi, a relationship astrologer, and a happy wife. A hearty welcome to my blog; I’m sure you will get a crystal clear idea of attracting your loved one and maintaining your relationship stable. Read more